Christina Frangione Nutrition Therapy Blog Posts

Calories Shmalories


Professionally, calories are a way of quantifying the energy value of foods. Calories are necessary to sustain life.

Personally, calories shmalories! I could easily figure out how many calories I eat on a daily basis, and I could easily tell you how many calories are in any given food item. It’s my super power as a dietitian ;). But, here’s the thing, I’ve long ago learned how to tune out all the numbers. The truth is, I really, really don’t care exactly how many calories I’m eating or how many I burn during a workout. That information is irrelevant to me because I know by my stable body weight and size that I’m eating a consistent amount of calories throughout the week. It’s just not that important! Since I can actually write a ton more on this, I’m going to continue this topic on this week’s blog post. Stay tuned!

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