Figured Out

You don't need to have it all figured out

figured out
It certainly makes sense that you might want to have everything figured out. You might have an end-goal in mind and you know every step along the journey of how to get there.

But it’s perfectly okay if the only step you know right now is the one right in front of you. That next step is the one that truly matters because all the other steps you planned for may never pan out. Our plans change and our end-goal may even change. One step at a time, my friends.


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Published by Christina Frangione, MS, RD, CDN, RYT

Christina Frangione, MS, RD, CDN, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist serving the Long Island, New York City, and New York State areas helping clients with eating disorders and disordered eating recover their relationship with food and their body. She utilizes a Health at Every Size® approach and supports Intuitive Eating and knows that while she is the food and nutrition expert, you are the expert of your body and life.

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