Christina Frangione Nutrition Therapy Blog Posts

You’re Not a Bad Person for Eating a Cookie

there are a lot of bad people in the world but youre not one of them
Turn on the news, read the newspaper, or scroll through your newsfeed. You can clearly see there are many bad people in this world. People who wish harm upon others. People who are only looking out for themselves and their world views.
We all agree these people are bad. But how can you fit into that same category of “bad” when you eat a cookie you weren’t planning on having. You can’t say you were so bad for eating extra foods. You’re not bad; you’re just human. Change the way you speak about yourself and you’ll notice your relationship with yourself will also change.


Seeking additional support in your relationship with food and your body? In search of an experienced eating disorder registered dietitian nutritionist in the Centerport, New York area or virtually? Send Christina an email to learn more about 1:1 nutrition therapy sessions!

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