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What Worked for One Stranger on The Internet May Not Work For You

what worked for one stranger on the internet may not work for you.png

I’m fairly sheltered when it comes to the the internet and social media. Over the years I’ve created zones free of content that triggers negative emotions or makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I’ve blocked, unfriended, or unfollowed countless people and removed myself from numerous groups. If a certain post has people making non evidence-based claims, I’ll skip to the next post.

But not everyone has created this space for themselves online. And unfortunately sometimes seeking out support online can result in receiving harmful information.
Please remember that what worked for one stranger on the internet may not work for you (or anyone else). Just because Joe cured his depression simply by rubbing his body with coconut oil and chanting underneath the full moon, doesn’t mean that will work for you.

Participating in online groups or forums can be great. You can receive support and camaraderie from people dealing with similar things you are in between sessions with your treatment team. But they are not a substitute for professionals with degrees who are not trying to sell you anything other than their continued services.

Stay vigilant and feel free to ask for references for any suggestions someone provides. Of course, not all suggestions will hurt you, but anything you’re wondering about, always consult with your treatment team before making a change in your treatment.

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