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We Restrict Food for a Reason

we restrict food for a reason

Think of the most nonsensical diet you’ve ever heard of. The one that restricts foods arbitrarily and has weird rules and regulations.
Now think about the people who go on these diets.
No one diets for no reason. We do not wake up one day and decide to starve ourselves or restrict foods we normally enjoy. We diet for many different reasons. We may be trying to change our body because we’ve learned we’re not good as we are, we may think we’re going to treat or cure a disease, we may be coping with stress, or any other number of reasons.
And every reason is valid and every reason deserves to be heard and explored. Every reason is important in your story.
There is no shame in going on a diet, having a dieting history, or being a chronic dieter.
But there is an alternative.
You can be free from diets.

On this note, read about why as a non-diet dietitian I still care about your diet here. Looking to break free from a life of dieting? Come work with me.

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