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When You Find Yourself Emotionally Eating Ask Yourself This Question

When you find yourself over the freezer eating ice cream from the container ask yourself

There is nothing wrong with emotional eating! Our society that fears weight gain says it’s bad because emotional eating can lead to weight gain if done too often. But eating emotionally is actually a pretty useful coping strategy for many people.
I was, exactly as this post states, over the freezer eating ice cream from the container last night and had a couple of different options. I could ask myself what was wrong with me that I was eating ice cream in such a manner and then proceed to get mad at myself and eat the whole container or move on to binge on other food items and then feel guilty and ashamed. Or, as I chose to do, I could ask myself what I was really needing in that moment. Since I wasn’t hungry, it wasn’t food I was really looking for. Some of the things you could really be needing when you’re emotionally eating may include connecting with another human or animal emotionally or physically, relieving stress or anxiety, or creating more fulfillment in your life. Ways to get these needs met include calling a friend, journaling, snuggling a pet, going for a mindful walk, or looking for a new job. Any of the activities you choose are not simply to stop you from eating, but rather to actually get your needs met.


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