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Get Rid of the Treadmill That Doubles as a Clothes Hanger

get rid of the treadmill that doubles as a clothes hanger.png

Is your fitness equipment collecting dust or doubling as an extra place to hang your clothes? It’s probably not the right fitness equipment for you, so why not get rid of it this year and have some extra money (by selling it) to do a physical activity you actually enjoy?
If you don’t like running on the treadmill, maybe you’ll like swimming. If using the elliptical is boring to you, maybe boxing would be more enjoyable. If the stationary bike isn’t cutting it, maybe yoga is more your speed. There are so many ways to be active and if one isn’t working for you, try something else!
And unless you actually like using your fitness equipment at home, get rid of it! You don’t need that constant reminder of what you feel you “should” be doing but aren’t doing. Also a reminder that you don’t need to do any activity if it isn’t safe for you to do so or if you don’t want to.

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