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You are no Less Deserving of Help for Your Eating Disorder if Insurance Refuses to Pay for Treatment

You are no less deserving of help for your eating disorder if insurance refuses to pay for treatment.png

Raise your hand if your health insurance has ever denied you treatment coverage for your eating disorder because they said you weren’t sick enough.

Often they say your labs are fine, your weight isn’t low enough, you should have been better by now, or you’re not getting better fast enough… Insurance is literally the worst!

But just because some people who don’t know or care about your suffering decide you shouldn’t get coverage, doesn’t mean they’re right. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve care. It doesn’t mean you aren’t sick enough. It doesn’t mean you’re never going to get better. Prove to them that you can recover even though they suck. But don’t try to prove to them that you’re bad enough because they certainly don’t care.

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