Consider Who You Want to Be

In recovery, we learn to separate ourselves from our illnesses. We create new identities for ourselves based on who we were before our illness, but sometimes we can’t remember back that far. Or sometimes we’ve changed so much that person no longer feels like who we are. Not a problem! Just consider who you want to be. What do you want your ideal self to look like? You get to create your own narrative.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Whether your illness is mental or physical, chronic or acute, it took things from you. It may have taken your time, your money, your relationships, or your chance at certain experiences. Allow yourself to grieve all of those losses. Through the grieving process, you will be able to finally move on.

People Won’t Stop Caring About You When You Recover

I know it can be a fear when you recover (from *insert condition here*) that you will lose all of your support. It’s such a nice change when in treatment to feel cared for and looked after. But I promise you, recovery is not the end. The relationships change and people start caring about whoContinue reading “People Won’t Stop Caring About You When You Recover”