Consider Who You Want to Be

In recovery, we learn to separate ourselves from our illnesses. We create new identities for ourselves based on who we were before our illness, but sometimes we can’t remember back that far. Or sometimes we’ve changed so much that person no longer feels like who we are. Not a problem! Just consider who you want to be. What do you want your ideal self to look like? You get to create your own narrative.

The Struggle of Yesterday May Not Be the Struggle of Today

It’s completely okay (and normal) if one day you’re really having a hard time with one area of your life, and the next day you don’t give it a thought. We can change so much from one day (or even one moment) to the next. Our struggles change and this doesn’t mean they get betterContinue reading “The Struggle of Yesterday May Not Be the Struggle of Today”

It’s Not All Just Black or White

There are so many shades of gray in between black and white, so don’t just limit yourself to the two colors.

It’s Okay to Miss the Things That Hurt

This is your reminder that it’s absolutely okay to miss certain toxic relationships, your sick body, your drug of choice, or anything else that hurt.

Your Anxiety Can’t Kill You, But You Still Deserve Help

To anyone struggling with anxiety right now: I know right now you feel like you’re going to die. I know you can’t imagine that your heart is going to still beat after this. But it will.