Eat This! Not That! Holiday Cookie Intuitive Eating Edition

Hanukkah has passed and it’s almost Christmas which means you’ve most likely already encountered holiday cookies. If you’re lucky, you’ve been somewhere there’s an assortment of cookies. You may be wondering which cookies are “best” to eat.

Today Doesn’t Need to be Punishment For What You Ate This Weekend

No matter what you ate this weekend or how much you moved your body, you do not need to spend today dieting harder or exercising longer to “make up” for this weekend. Monday does not need to be the day of punishment.

It is Normal to Overeat During the Holidays

A reminder that it is perfectly normal to overeat at the holidays or eat more than you usually would if it was any other day. It’s okay to leave a holiday meal or party feeling stuffed. You do not need to compensate for the fullness and in a few hours you will need to eat again.

The Only Careful Eating You Need This Thanksgiving

I was in a yoga class the other day and the instructor wished everyone a happy upcoming Thanksgiving and she cautioned us all to “be careful” about our food choices. Um…. what?! Be careful? Be careful about what? We could assume she meant be careful you don’t eat “too much” or eat “bad foods”, but I like this new list of the only things you need to be careful about when eating on Thanksgiving. Be careful your food isn’t held at improper temperatures, be careful the food you’re eating is free of your allergens, and be careful you’re not eating according to diet rules.

Eat This! Not That! Intuitive Eating Holiday Edition

As American Thanksgiving approaches, you’re probably seeing articles telling you which foods to avoid and which are lower calorie and therefore the “better” choice. These traditional “eat this”, “not that” posts completely negate a person’s personal preferences, hunger, and satisfaction levels.

The Diet That Worked For Your Co-Worker’s Friend’s Niece May Not Work For You

No one has found the miracle diet to treat and prevent all disease and you most likely won’t find out about it this way. If you have questions about a particular diet you hear about, take those questions to a registered dietitian nutritionist. We have more science based answers than your average person and can steer you in the right direction.

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