Relapse Doesn’t Just Happen

In recovery from any kind of illness, of course it’s natural to fear relapse. However, with mental illnesses, relapse doesn’t just happen. If you’ve been doing the work to maintain your recovery, you’re not just going to relapse overnight. Sure, you might have lapses, slips, episodes, behaviors, etc. but all the work you’ve done doesn’tContinue reading “Relapse Doesn’t Just Happen”

51 Reasons to Keep on Keeping on (Why not relapse?)

Recovery is hard and relapse is always an option, but here are 51 reasons to not relapse. Whether it’s recovery from an eating disorder, substance abuse, mental illness, self injury, or alcoholism. Feel free to add your own! Because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. How can I tell others what to eat whenContinue reading “51 Reasons to Keep on Keeping on (Why not relapse?)”

People Won’t Stop Caring About You When You Recover

I know it can be a fear when you recover (from *insert condition here*) that you will lose all of your support. It’s such a nice change when in treatment to feel cared for and looked after. But I promise you, recovery is not the end. The relationships change and people start caring about whoContinue reading “People Won’t Stop Caring About You When You Recover”

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