Finding a Voice in Eating Disorder Recovery Interview

I so enjoyed speaking with Jamie Magdic of Side by Side Nutrition. In her Youtube video series, she asks recovered clinicians what was the one thing that helped them most in their eating disorder recovery.

Long Island Dietitians and Therapists Say No Way to Huntington Town-Wide COVID-19 Diet Initiative

On Wednesday May 6th 2020 Suffolk County Legis. William R. Spencer (D-Centerport) announced a new initiative about putting the Town of Huntington on Long Island, New York on a “voluntary diet” in an effort to avoid weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that diets are not the answer to the collective anxiety and trauma we are all experiencing surrounding this pandemic. We simply can’t shame people into being healthy. A diet may give us something to do and it may feel good for awhile, but inevitably the diet will end and the weight will come back and the negative feelings will return.


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