If We Wait Until We’re Ready

Sometimes, we want to give ourselves time to think it through, plan, or start small. We may not feel ready, even though we are. But here’s your sign that whatever you have you’re waiting for, right now is the time to start. You don’t need to keep waiting, because you may never actually start the longer you wait.

The Struggle of Yesterday May Not Be the Struggle of Today

It’s completely okay (and normal) if one day you’re really having a hard time with one area of your life, and the next day you don’t give it a thought. We can change so much from one day (or even one moment) to the next. Our struggles change and this doesn’t mean they get betterContinue reading “The Struggle of Yesterday May Not Be the Struggle of Today”

Mix it Up

The most obvious way to mix up your scenery includes going somewhere new. Take a vacation. Explore. Relocate. Change jobs. Totally change everything. If that’s not in the near future or doesn’t sound appealing, explore new areas around you. Take a new route home from work. Explore a new shop. Try a different restaurant. IfContinue reading “Mix it Up”

Allowed to Change

This seems pretty obvious, but when you’re stuck in black and white thinking, it can be hard to realize that you are allowed to change your mind. You can express one opinion one day, and then say something different the next day. That’s not being inauthentic. That’s being human. People change. Our ideas change. OurContinue reading “Allowed to Change”

How to Use SMART Goals to Inspire Healthy Changes

Have a less than healthy habit you’ve been meaning to change? It’s never too late to work on it! It might seem overwhelming to think about completely changing a behavior you’ve spent a lifetime developing, but when broken down into separate steps using the SMART goal system, soon you’ll be a pro at creating those healthy habits you know will help improve your health and quality of life.