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Weight Stigma Hurts us All (Yes, Even if You’re in a Smaller Body)

weight stigma

Weight stigma, which is discrimination or stereotyping based on a person’s weight hurts everyone, not just people in larger bodies (although people in larger bodies are more often harmed). Some examples of weight stigma include:

– Healthcare providers ignoring (or even promoting) malnutrition due to a patient having a higher BMI.
– Lack of size-inclusive clothing, seating, and medical equipment.
– Making assumptions about the eating/movement habits or health status of people in larger bodies.
– Healthcare providers recommending weight loss without treating the underlying health condition.

This leads to poorer health outcomes for people in larger bodies, however it also leads people in smaller bodies to try to avoid being in a larger body at all costs. Often, this is at the expense of health.

WSAW Shareable Graphics - Weight Stigma Definition

Weight Stigma poses_IGWeight Stigmatization is both_IGWhere does WS occur

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