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No, just no, Weight Watchers (WW)

no just no ww

In case you haven’t heard yet or have been absent from social media like I have (cuz ya know, #life), Weight Watchers (now known as WW because they want to pretend they’re not a diet) has teamed up with Kurbo Health to provide a weight loss app for kids as young as 8 (but advertised on iTunes as being for ages 4+). The app is complete with before and after photos of kids and foods grouped into red light (bad), yellow light (sometimes) and green light (good). Sounds like dieting to me. In no way is it okay to indoctrinate children into diet culture without their consent. This has happened to countless people already, and now it’s just becoming easier to create lifetime customers who struggle to feel safe in their bodies.
Follow the tag #wakeupweightwatchers across social media platforms for so many great posts about this horrible app. And keep sharing your outrage so maybe someone will care about innocent children’s lives vs. corporate gain.

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