You Can Wear Shorts if You Want to

you can wear shorts if you want to

You can wear shorts, you can wear bathing suits, you can wear tank tops. You can wear ANYTHING you want to regardless of body size, shape, scars, veins, tattoos, hair, bumps, stretch marks, etc.

I first posted this image in the middle of Summer when it was more common to wear more revealing clothing due to the hot temperatures, however it applies all year round. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident and your best. Wear what allows you to move in the ways you want to move. Wear the colors, shapes, and patterns you like.

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Published by Christina Frangione, MS, RD, CDN, RYT

Christina Frangione, MS, RD, CDN, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist serving the Long Island, New York City, and New York State areas helping clients with eating disorders and disordered eating recover their relationship with food and their body. She utilizes a Health at Every SizeĀ® approach and supports Intuitive Eating and knows that while she is the food and nutrition expert, you are the expert of your body and life.

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