Be Wary of Providers Advertising Eating Disorder Treatment and Weight Loss Services

But professionals who say they’re treating eating disorders should 100% not be prescribing behaviors for larger bodied people that are diagnosed as eating disorders in smaller bodied people. That is to say prescribing starvation diets and obsessive behaviors to people just to get them to lose a few pounds that are likely to come back anyway Is not ethical or evidence based care.

You Are so Much More Than Your Eating Disorder

It’s easy to let your eating disorder become your identity. After all, it becomes such a big part of your life. But part of recovery is discovering who you are without your eating disorder. What do you like? What don’t you like? What’s your favorite color? Where would you like to travel? What makes youContinue reading “You Are so Much More Than Your Eating Disorder”

You Would Have if You Could Have

The truth is, if you could have done it, you would have. No more blaming yourself for all the things you haven’t done in life. No more blaming yourself for the things you didn’t say years ago. For the graduations, parties, weddings, and funerals you’ve missed. For the fun you didn’t have. For the workContinue reading “You Would Have if You Could Have”