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Healthy Eating is Flexible


Healthy eating is flexible eating. It's sometimes eating a lot at one meal and not enough at another. It's sometimes not feeling like making anything for dinner, so you skip to dessert. Some days you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, other days you may not.

Overall, your diet can be flexible. The "healthiest" diet, technically, consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. It excludes processed foods and the consumption of "extras". But how can a diet truly be healthy if it forces you to exclude foods at times? If it makes you unhappy or stressed out because you're forced to miss out on certain experiences? If you can't feel relaxed around food because you're constantly worried about making a mistake?

Healthy eating includes all foods at all times. It's about eating what you want when you want, while also eating to properly nourish your body. Healthy eating is a form of self care, not self punishment.

Check out how to eat like a normal person.

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