If Your Diet is Working for You, Then I’m Truly Happy For You and You Keep Doing You

One of the misconceptions about anti-diet dietitians is that we dislike all diets and all people who diet. This, of course is just not true. Being anti-diet is being anti- diet culture and anti- oppression of people who feel the only way they can be accepted in society is to punish their bodies endlessly with restrictive diets.

You Are Not Wrong For Liking Diet Foods

  In recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating, it’s important to incorporate the non-diet versions of certain foods like sodas, ice cream, bread, etc into your diet (as appropriate for your specific medical conditions). However, once you move towards intuitive eating, your relationship with food shifts. You no longer choose foods because they’reContinue reading “You Are Not Wrong For Liking Diet Foods”

Lent is Not An Excuse to Diet

If you’re giving up a food item because you don’t feel you have the “willpower” to do it any other way or if you would have given it up anyway, but Lent is giving you a social excuse to cut out the food- don’t do it!

Should I Follow a Low FODMAP Diet?

Ordinarily, of course, I’d say “no” to dieting. Diets don’t work and they make us feel bad about ourselves. But a low FODMAP diet is actually a tool to help you discover what foods might be triggering certain gastrointestinal symptoms. It is not designed to be followed long-term. And it is not a tool for weight loss or weight maintenance.

You Will Not Become Nutrient Deficient Overnight

You will not become nutrient deficient from one day of imbalanced eating. It takes time. And you may start to feel not so good if you’re constantly eating the same thing, so you will eventually gravitate towards something different.

Trust that your body will get what it needs.

How to Protect Your Peace as a Non-Dieter in a Dieting World

As someone who’s long ago left the world of dieting and disordered eating behind, I’m still shocked every time I hear references to dieting. It’s all around me everywhere I go. At the doctor, at work, at the grocery store, at the gym, at home, and on my social media feed. At this point, it’s truly impossible to avoid diet culture. Since it can be so easy to be sucked back into diet culture, especially in the beginning, let’s explore some ways to challenge the culture so you can remain a non-dieter, intuitive eater, and lover of self.