What is Hunger and How Can You Honor It

When you were younger, it may have been as simple as whenever your belly rumbled, you got yourself a snack. Your body was telling you it was hungry and you fed it in response.
Now, we may not even be attuned to our body’s hunger signals. We may have desperately tried to silence these signals through dieting and deprivation. Or we may keep ourselves full at all times so we never have to experience the emptiness of hunger.
We may associate hunger with binging. That’s because when we get overly hungry, we’re ready to eat just about anything and we want all of it. We may not trust that we’re going to eat again, so we feast. This is one reason why it’s important to listen to your hunger and feed yourself before you get too ravenous.

20 Things Women with Eating Disorders Want Their Healthcare Professionals to Know About Working with Clients with Eating Disorders

I asked women (no men happened to respond) with eating disorders/in recovery what they wanted future dietitians to know about working with clients with eating disorders. The following list is also helpful for nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, fitness instructors, and anyone else who will ever work with clients/individuals with eating disorders.

You Can Express Happiness for Others’ Successes, and Still Feel Disappointed by Your Losses

It’s perfectly normal and okay to feel happy for others and their successes, but at the same time also feel crappy about your own “less-than-successes”. I’ve missed out on and lost a lot in my life and you bet I feel pain when I see someone get something I want but couldn’t have or can’tContinue reading “You Can Express Happiness for Others’ Successes, and Still Feel Disappointed by Your Losses”