How to Measure Success Without Using a Bathroom Scale

We’re one full week into the new year and if you’ve set a New Year’s resolution, you may already be eager to see if you’ve had success. But how do you measure success now that you’ve finally decided to ditch dieting and a resolution for weight loss?
When your goal was to lose weight, an easy barometer of your success was the bathroom scale. The scale tells you whether you’re moving in the right direction, or whether you need to keep working harder towards your goal.
But what not that it isn’t about the weight? And therefore, not about the number on the scale.

Celebrate Every Victory

Have you ever gotten through another long week and been really proud of yourself for surviving, only to hear about someone who landed their dream job right out of school or who got a book deal, or who’s getting married, or who just bought the perfect house… ? There’s always going to be another person with a bigger success than yours at different times. Even if you achieve your ultimate goal- the most successful thing you can think of- someone will have done more than you.


Do you already have it in your mind you’ll fail at something new? Why not try it just to either confirm your suspicion, or surprise yourself and excel? But you won’t know for sure unless you actually try it.

You Can Express Happiness for Others’ Successes, and Still Feel Disappointed by Your Losses

It’s perfectly normal and okay to feel happy for others and their successes, but at the same time also feel crappy about your own “less-than-successes”. I’ve missed out on and lost a lot in my life and you bet I feel pain when I see someone get something I want but couldn’t have or can’tContinue reading “You Can Express Happiness for Others’ Successes, and Still Feel Disappointed by Your Losses”