Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

In case no one has told you lately, you’re doing a really great job.

Mix it Up

The most obvious way to mix up your scenery includes going somewhere new. Take a vacation. Explore. Relocate. Change jobs. Totally change everything. If that’s not in the near future or doesn’t sound appealing, explore new areas around you. Take a new route home from work. Explore a new shop. Try a different restaurant. IfContinue reading “Mix it Up”

What You’re Willing to Put In

With most things, be it a job, a school, a treatment program, a relationship, etc. what really determines what you take away is what you actually put into it. If you want progress or change you have to do the work.


Do you already have it in your mind you’ll fail at something new? Why not try it just to either confirm your suspicion, or surprise yourself and excel? But you won’t know for sure unless you actually try it.


You’ll find your way to heal and it’s okay if your way is not the same way as someone else’s. Our journeys are all very different. (Self disclosure: this picture was taken Fall 2011 and my index finger had calluses from the weird way I hold my knitting needles!)