Instructional Video Series: Easy Overnight Oats Recipe For Intuitive Eaters

In the inaugural video for my series of cooking videos for building intuitive eaters, we join chef Lauren Bialkowski in preparing a super fast, satisfying, nutritious, and delicious meal of overnight oats!

You Cannot Be Anti-Diet Without Being Anti-Racist (And an Anti-Racist Resource List)

This is a letter to my fellow non-black dietitians and people in the anti-diet/eating disorder space.

Check in With Your Friends Using This Time to Get Healthier

Check in with your friends (and especially your kids) using this time during lockdown to get “healthier”.
This intention, while usually innocent, can very often lead to disordered eating or even eating disorders (or relapse of an existing ED).

4 Reasons Why Processed Foods Can and Should Fit Into Your Diet

When “not all foods fit”, you may have already done countless elimination diets, food trials, or allergy tests. You may not have found your trigger foods yet, or the foods might change daily. One thing’s for sure; eating is not simple. Maybe you’ve been tempted by promises of detoxes or super “clean” eating which willContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Processed Foods Can and Should Fit Into Your Diet”