Yes, You Can Keep the Chocolates in the House

Happy Valentine’s Day! đź’• I hear from people a lot that they don’t want chocolate on Valentine’s day even if they love chocolate because they don’t feel they’re capable of keeping a box of chocolate in the house without bingeing on it. This may be true for people still early on on their food peaceContinue reading “Yes, You Can Keep the Chocolates in the House”

Your Health is Not a Measure of Your Worth

Things that do not measure your worth: – Your BMI – Your blood pressure – Your A1c – Your GFR – Your cholesterol – Your bone density – etc. Nothing about your health measures your worth! You are worthy just because you are alive.

BMI Does Not Measure Health

I’m a dietitian but I don’t remember the formula to calculate body mass index (BMI) because frankly it’s not that important (I also have a computer which does it for me). But don’t I need to know my BMI to know if I’m underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese? Okay, sure now you have aContinue reading “BMI Does Not Measure Health”

Permission to Eat Dinner, Even if Today’s Day of Eating Didn’t go as Planned

You may have grabbed breakfast at the drive-thru on your way to drop off the kids at school. You may have went out to lunch with a friend because they really wanted to try a new restaurant out. You may have had cake for your co-worker’s birthday. You may have eaten a large snack whenContinue reading “Permission to Eat Dinner, Even if Today’s Day of Eating Didn’t go as Planned”

Get Rid of the Treadmill That Doubles as a Clothes Hanger

Is your fitness equipment collecting dust or doubling as an extra place to hang your clothes? It’s probably not the right fitness equipment for you, so why not get rid of it this year and have some extra money (by selling it) to do a physical activity you actually enjoy?

Eat This! Not That! Holiday Cookie Intuitive Eating Edition

Hanukkah has passed and it’s almost Christmas which means you’ve most likely already encountered holiday cookies. If you’re lucky, you’ve been somewhere there’s an assortment of cookies. You may be wondering which cookies are “best” to eat.