Even After the Worst Binge, You Will Need to Eat Again

Had an episode of binge eating?
Take care of yourself post-binge. Drink some soothing tea, take a gentle walk or do some stretching, journal or call a friend to talk about how you’re feeling.

Eating Clean Isn’t Going to Solve Any of Your Problems if You’re Already Planning a Binge

Almost to the end of your January cleanse and already planning your binge for February 1st? Probably time to plan a different approach to healing your relationship with food.

If You Want to Prevent a Candy Binge on Halloween, Try Having Candy Every Day This Week

Halloween can be scary for some people (witches, ghosts, and vampires aside). So many of my clients struggle with bingeing on candy this time of the year. Can you relate?

You Can Keep Snacks in the House

You can keep snacks in the house.
In fact, if you want to eliminate binging, you SHOULD keep snacks in the house. You should keep all your favorite snacks in the house.

Yes, You Can Keep the Chocolates in the House

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 I hear from people a lot that they don’t want chocolate on Valentine’s day even if they love chocolate because they don’t feel they’re capable of keeping a box of chocolate in the house without bingeing on it. This may be true for people still early on on their food peaceContinue reading “Yes, You Can Keep the Chocolates in the House”