Your Health is Not a Measure of Your Worth

Things that do not measure your worth: – Your BMI – Your blood pressure – Your A1c – Your GFR – Your cholesterol – Your bone density – etc. Nothing about your health measures your worth! You are worthy just because you are alive.

Get Rid of the Treadmill That Doubles as a Clothes Hanger

Is your fitness equipment collecting dust or doubling as an extra place to hang your clothes? It’s probably not the right fitness equipment for you, so why not get rid of it this year and have some extra money (by selling it) to do a physical activity you actually enjoy?

Today Doesn’t Need to be Punishment For What You Ate This Weekend

No matter what you ate this weekend or how much you moved your body, you do not need to spend today dieting harder or exercising longer to “make up” for this weekend. Monday does not need to be the day of punishment.

The Only Careful Eating You Need This Thanksgiving

I was in a yoga class the other day and the instructor wished everyone a happy upcoming Thanksgiving and she cautioned us all to “be careful” about our food choices. Um…. what?! Be careful? Be careful about what? We could assume she meant be careful you don’t eat “too much” or eat “bad foods”, but I like this new list of the only things you need to be careful about when eating on Thanksgiving. Be careful your food isn’t held at improper temperatures, be careful the food you’re eating is free of your allergens, and be careful you’re not eating according to diet rules.

Eat This! Not That! Intuitive Eating Holiday Edition

As American Thanksgiving approaches, you’re probably seeing articles telling you which foods to avoid and which are lower calorie and therefore the “better” choice. These traditional “eat this”, “not that” posts completely negate a person’s personal preferences, hunger, and satisfaction levels.

Stop Putting Off Living Your Life Until You Lose Weight

ave you ever put off social events, dating or job opportunities until after you lost the weight you felt you needed to lose? Do you have a number in mind that once you get there your life can truly begin?
Stop waiting! Your life can begin at any moment!